How Is Moissanite Different From Diamond And Worth Buying?

Debating moissanite vs diamond for your engagement ring? This article explain how the gems compare in price, durability, brilliance, and which gemstone is worth buying

Moissanite VS Diamond

Diamonds have been around for years and have been one of those top gemstones when it comes to dominating heart. Over time bunch of gems have appeared but have failed to appeal and vanished just as quickly as they emerged, but one of those emerging gemstones is Moissanite; which is exceptional in all aspects, is here to stay and is probably the biggest competitor for diamonds.

Moissanites are very similar to diamonds when it comes to looks. Moissanites are naturally occurring & laboratory-made gemstones that were first discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who found tiny sparkling crystals of silicon carbide whereas diamonds are formed under natural conditions, their formation takes place on the upper mantle of the earth's crust and they grow under the condition of intense heat and high-pressure mineral friction.

Moissanite Vs Diamonds, what one should buy?

The moissanite vs diamond debate has been going on around for quite some time. While the diamond is this precious gemstone that people dream of buying and make the best memories of life etched by it. Moissanite on the other hand is not as old as diamond but holds the qualities that surpass it. Whether it is about durability, brilliance, or color moissanite is no less than diamonds in any respect. In fact, its qualities like affordable, easy customization and eco-friendly way of making only add to the many bright suites the moissanite gemstone holds.

One of the strongest suites of moissanite is its pricing which is approximately one-third of the cost of a mined diamond that is equal in size and quality. In the times where jewelry is chosen as a gift or a token of love to mark every special moment of our lives and possibly each one of us wants to share the best gifts with our loved ones, the price aspect of diamonds in most cases forces us to take a step back due to its sky-high prices. So, if you want to buy a large carat gemstone that is nothing less than diamond, but the budget is short, moissanite is the way to go. 

What is more durable: Diamond or Moissanite?

The way diamonds have been reigning over centuries, it is no doubt that their durability is exceptional & unbeatable. When one purchases any form of gemstone or jewellery, its quality and durability are the topmost priority. Diamonds are known as forever marks and one of the reasons why is durability. They are the hardest known mineral and can stand any kind of wear/ tear, making them ideal for everyday use. No wonder most engagement rings bought is diamonds. However, Moissanite is no less, they are the second hardest to diamond, rated 9.25 on the ranking scale wherein diamonds are 10.

Is the cut, shine & brilliance of a Moissanite as good as Diamond?

As per industry experts, the brilliance of a Moissanite gemstone is higher than that of a Diamond, in fact, it is the most noticeable and obvious difference between a moissanite and a diamond. When one talks about the brilliance of a gemstone it means, how it shines, sparkles & the cut of it. Moissanites are cut differently than a diamond which helps them possess double refractive properties for the sole reason of intensified glimmer & shine.

Is Moissanite worth buying?

Considering the vast list of qualities that a Moissanite gemstone holds, it is definitely worth buying. Right from quality to pricing moissanite easily falls under the criteria of a perfect gemstone for personal use, gifting, or to mark a special occasion. Moissanite is also easily customizable giving you the space to experiment with the design that suits your personality. Its affordability aspect gives space to add more than one piece to the collection. One of the key tips to buy the perfect piece of moissanite gemstone is its clarity or color, one should always aim to buy moissanite that is clean to the eye and reasonable in price.