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  • Pear 0.80 ct (7mm x 5mm) Moissanite
    Pear 0.80 ct (7mm x 5mm) Moissanite Diamond - Bejeweled
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The pear shaped moissanite is an asymmetrical design that makes for the perfect infusion of Marquise & Round moissanite with its soft side curves, a rounded bottom and a narrow point that gives both vintage and dainty look.

The pear moissanite stone is also known as “teardrop” and have been quite the choice of various occasions for its unique looks despite the fact that this shape was discovered sometime in the 1400’s! When worn with the pointy end upfront the Pear Moissanite gives a striking appearance and is a sight to behold and literally puts you on the center stage.

You can buy Pear cut moissanite at Bejeweled in a wide variety with weight & sizes ranging from 0.23 carats (5mm x 3mm) to 3.57 carats (12mm x 8mm). Get the beautiful, unusual and affordable pear shaped moissanite home and be the highlight of any and every occasion!