Moissanite - A Cheaper Substitute of Labgrown Diamond

1ct VVS FG Lab Grown
Rs. 95000
1ct VVS FG Moissanite
Rs. 10000 only

No one can identify Moissanites from NAKED EYES!

Once you experience the wonder of Moissanite Solitaires, you'll be spoiled for anything else.

This alluring stone has the Brilliance and Sparkle better than a Diamond and Lab Growns, yet it is affordable on practically any budget.

Moissanite is the hardest and most dazzling stone, next to a Diamond / Labgrowns. Rare in origin, Moissanite Jewelry has a fascinating history. You'll find remarkably low prices of Moissanites as compared to equivalent quality of diamonds.

What Is A Moissanite? / What Are These Stones? / Is This A Cubic Zirconia / American Diamond?

  • Moissanite is a new category of gemstone with fire, brilliance and lustre more than any other gemstones in the world including diamonds!
  • It is NOT a cubic zirconia or american diamond which is just a piece of glass
  • It is a gemstone which looks and lasts like a Diamond forever

These Are The Benefits Of Buying Lab Grown 


Today, lab diamonds are 50-60% less expensive than mined diamonds of equivalent quality.


Lab-grown Diamonds have same hardness and chemical structure as of Natural Diamond.


Labgrowns and Natural Diamonds have exactly same brilliance and lustre.

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