Frequently Asked Questions
Labgrown Diamonds

What Is A Labgrown Diamond? / What Are These Stones?

  • A Lab Grown Diamond is a real diamond that is made by scientists who recreate the same circumstances used by nature, only this process takes a few months instead of millions of years. 
  • It is NOT a cubic zirconia/american diamond which is just a piece of glass
  • It is created in a laboratory


Is It Worth Buying Labgrown Diamonds?

  • Yes, ofcourse! Labgrown are 80% to 90% cheaper than Natural Diamonds. Bejeweled offers Buyback and Return also on Labgrowns.
  • All Labgrown Solitaires are IGI or GIA certified with laser inscription of certificate on the stone. 


How Close Are Labgrowns To Diamonds?

  • Labgrowns have same hardness, durability, chemical properties, physical properties as compared to Natural Diamonds.
  • Labgrowns come in all colours and clarities just like Natural Diamonds.


What Is The Cost Difference Between A Labgrown And A Diamond? / What Is The Cost Of Labgrown? / How Affordable Is A Labgrown?

  • Labgrown Solitaires cost about 10% to 20% the price of a natural diamond of equivalent quality! 

How Is A Labgrown Made? / How Are These Stones Made?

  • Labgrowns are created in a laboratory by creating same temperature and atmosphere as found deep in Earth in which Natural Diamonds are created.


Does Labgrown Last Forever Like Diamonds?

  • YES! Essentially composed of pure carbon, it has an incredible hardness of 10 which is equivalent to diamonds. This would never let it scratch or become cloudy with wear or dull with time.


Are Labgrowns Real? / How Are They Different From Diamonds?

  • Contrary to what you might assume, lab-grown does not mean fake. A lab-grown diamond is essentially the same thing as a natural diamond. Even a jeweller cant identify a Labgrown Diamond by any means. It can be only identified in a laboratory.


Is The Jewelry Set In Gold?

  • Yes, all our Jewelry is set in 14k or 18k Gold. The colour of the gold can be chosen from White, Yellow or Rosegold.
  • All of our Jewelry is 100% solid gold and not gold plated


Are Labgrowns Available In All Shapes & Sizes?

  • Yes, Labgrowns are available in all shapes Like Round, Princess, Pear, Square, Oval, Trillion, Triangle, Marquise, Emerald and Cushion
  • They are also available in all sizes from 0.001 ct to 15 ct


    Is There Free Shipping? / What Are The Shipping Charges?

    • We provide free shipping on all orders above Rs. 5000 within India